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Essential Oil Lemon
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Lifts the spirits, relieves stress-related fatigue, increase concentration and awareness and to help eliminate emotional confusion. It is often used by students or drivers to help them concentrate and stay alert. Lemon also has an affinity with the respiratory system and is a powerful antiseptic, but care must be taken if the skin is sensitive.

1. Use your favourite essential oil on hot compress, in diffusers, or in hot water for inhalation.
2. Keep your sports bag fresh-smelling by putting a few drops of lemon essential oil onto a cotton ball and packing that in with your gear.
3. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your toilet roll in your bathroom for a burst of citrusy freshness with every turn of the roll.
4. Lemon essential oil is a natural antiseptic so you can add it to your homemade household cleansers to keep your home safe and clean.

Citrus Limon

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